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a perferably white girl with the ass of a black woman. the tits of a cow and the eyes of an angel. She is talented at all sports! especially softball(: you can trust her with ALL your secrets. She has quite a temper but thats kielan for you(: shes a P A R T Y ANIMAL(; birthday should be on Nov 26: close to her charming wifes ( November 13 ) kielan will love you forever if you are to buy her a cookie monster accessary. theres only one downside to her. Shes not yours!>:D She belongs to a vishious dinosaur ( Kyrie )up in california.
Person 1; Whoa look at her! she has the ass of a Kielan!:O

Person 2; Hell no! thats the ass of a shawntaytayy. Gross, Kielans ass isnt black litteraly!
by Kyrie4toez November 26, 2011
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