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Has been called the destroyer of worlds, the kicker of elves. Powerful yet merciful. Kiel, the most intense and awesome name ever to have graced an individual, has been known to solve problems by destroying both parties and taking their turf. A lyrical genius and a true renaissance man. Scientology is the only true way for a Kiel.

Being that it was the last name of the man who played Jaws in the James Bond movies, all claims on the name Kiel can only go to the truly deserving.
Kiel, the kicker of elves, quit the band to pillage a town.
by Geroge McFly February 04, 2010
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the kick ass duke; prolly the most awesomest name ever
One day I hope to be kiel status.
by potatoes on my taint August 09, 2006
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the hottest guy ever who loves being tickled till he pees his pants; enjoys baking cookies in his spare time :P
loves loves LOVES his girlfriend
Did you hear Kiel baked cookies with his girlfriend last night??!!
by snickerdoodles January 18, 2009
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An 18 year old man that dances like a gorilla whilst in clubs. Women usually have the tendancy to become entranced by his moves causing immitation.

He misses seeing people falling off chairs and tends to get cheated on quite alot.
"I was watching Kiel dance last night. He moves like a gorilla man! I liked it ;)"
by Dwayne from Lodge Farm September 03, 2008
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A fucking marshmallow; he's soft and white
The biggest cunt that you've seen thus far
"Yo Taaha, look at Kiel over there, that marshmallow, that cunt. The Baous gon' put that fucker in his place."
by Baous May 01, 2008
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A fat, shirtless, loser, Texan, who walks around thinking hes hot shit. Often banging his red headed girlfriend in the shower with a crowd watching.
by BadassMotherfo January 04, 2009
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