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Kieffer: One who smokes immense ammounts of weed, ganga, dope, green. The one of Iron longs.

The Cheef King, Kieffer The Cheefer, Keef, Keef Kat
Dan: "Aye bro, you know Kieffer?!"

Rick: "Yea the Keef Meister?"

Dan: "Yea the Cheef King, bro!"

Rick: "Bro he's a baddd mother fucka, Cheefin that Keef all day long!"

Dan: "On the real! Iron longs man."

See: Cheef, Keef
by KeefKat October 26, 2010
a person, not to be confused with a horse accessory, T-Pain, Tom Cruise or the zombie in dawn of the dead that pops out of the door like ""OOOOOGAAAABOOGABOOOOOO"
hear bout dat kieffer's shawty? mmmm, makes me wanna just smack a moog little phatty!
by jayshawty123 August 15, 2009