The act of striking a person in the area of the kidney. Can cause severe internal bleeding, resulting in the incapacitation of the injured person and sometimes death.
Jon received a kidney punch during the brawl.
by Albert February 15, 2004
Top Definition
To punch someone in the kidneys. Hurts like a bitch, and often results in pissing blood for an extended period of time.
Man, my brothers friend kidney punched me once, and I was pissing blood for a week!
by Shinigami Love June 13, 2006
A body shot to the kidney area when properly placed during anal sex will tighten the brown star fish.
This coke whore had such a wide dirt track that I had to throw a couple kidney punches for good measure.
by EVB October 07, 2005
A kidney punch is when you yell "Kidney punch!" and then punch someone anywhere except the kidney.
Kyle:"Kidney punch!"
Phil:"Owwww! Why did you punch my arm... Kidney punch!"
Kyle:"You don't punch in the kidney you idiot... Kidney punch!"
by Emblazin April 20, 2009
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