A person whose personality is so shallow, it's only skin deep. A person that is so superficial, that they are compared to the most shallow swimming pool, the kiddie pool.
"Ashley is so shallow, she's a kiddie pool."

"Brock?! Deep?! Are you kidding?! He's a kiddie pool."
by youknowyadayada November 10, 2009
Top Definition
1) A small pool about 10 feet in diameter usually used for small children
2) When a male ejaculates on a woman's or man's belly button and then proceeds to slap his penis on the belly button, creating a splashing effect.
1) I went to Wal*Mart to pick up the kiddie pool.

2) I gave my girlfriend a kiddie pool last night and stained the sheets.
by Nav July 17, 2003
when you are fucking a girl missionary and you're about to blow your load in her, you pull out and fill her belly button with your jizz (so obviously she has to have a hole instead of that sticking out shit)
i was fucking your mom last nite and i filled her kiddie pool
by the October 21, 2004
The act of pulling out and shooting nut on your partners stomach creating a pool of semen.
Daniel: "Man I was bangin Dorothy last night and.."
Nathan: "Did you give her the kiddie pool?"
Daniel: "You know it!"
by JASON^MAPLES May 10, 2010
A place for over 30 year olds to both watch their children and to make more children given easier access via swimwear at the same time
Jeff:Karen and I went to the kiddie pool today.
Bill: Did you remember to actually take your child this time?
Jeff: Yes, made it so much easier to get away with.
by The MAD Hatter January 07, 2015
A body of fresh water that contains at least 5% urine, and is warmer than the air around it as a result.
dude, i just pissed in the fountain behind the dentist's office.
Gross, now it's a ****ing kiddie pool
by Cookie of Sorrow July 10, 2008
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