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The long-haired, redneck, rock 'n' roll son of Detroit who is famous for his hard rockin concerts, once being married to Pammy, and mixing hip-hop into his hard rock act. His greatest songs (so far) are -Bawitdaba
-Fuck Off
-Only God Knows Why
-What I Learned Out On The Road
-I'm Wrong, But You Ain't Right
-Midnight Train To Memphis
-Rock 'N' Roll Pain Train
-Feel Like Makin' Love
-Jackson, Mississippi
-Cold and Empty
Kid Rock is frickin awesome rap-rocker from Michigan.
by Hugh Jass February 12, 2005
The people verison of an above ground pool.
Kid Rock is white trash
by Tbhidontcare July 25, 2014
The 'American Badass'. Just from that you know he is the shit. From Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp to Cold and Empty everything he does is badass and sweet. He is also a huge pimp. He is prolly pimping your woman right now. Kid Rock is fresh.
"That's why they call me the 'pimp of the nation'" Kid Rocj
by [e.99]Miracle November 10, 2004
A modern day mixture of AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica, Hank Williams Jr, Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels, Run DMC, Beasty Boys, and Whodini
Kid Rock: A blend of perfection
by Metalhead redneck March 19, 2009
A former white rapper who a few years ago decided to appropriately go more rock with a slight tad of country. He often calls it southern rock, but it isn't. It is "blue-collar" rock mixed with a little hip-hop and occasional country and has a distinct Michigan flavor to it.
Kid Rock not only has made good music, but he is an avid Bush supporter as well. Hell Yeah!
by The Kentucky Yankee December 07, 2004
lucky to be married to pamela
he can fuck pamela whenever he wants!! hes so lucky
by gottafuckpamela May 30, 2003
Kid Rock is a totally hot rockabilly who gets a lot of action. He can do almost anyone he wants and nobody will care. He is the hottest guy in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!
I think people are jealous of Kid Rock because he gets more ass in one night then most people do in their entire lives!
by Sammy23 December 04, 2008