4th studio album by Radiohead. Arguably one of the greatest albums to come out of the first decade of the 21st century. It should be noted that to get the best experience out of the album, one should listen to it at a state of pure euphoria. In other words, it is recommended that one listens to it after smoking much pot.
Jon: "Dude, I am looking through your library and I have noticed we have not listened to, 'Kid A.'"

Paul: "No man, save it. We need to be at the highest of the highs before we can truly enjoy it."
by fredthemute January 07, 2010
Top Definition
The greatest album ever made.
When I bought Kid A, the cashiers approved of my purchase...both cashiers.
by MMBKG April 11, 2004
Radiohead's fourth studio album.

One of the most creative, original and innovative albums to come out of 2000. It was a huge change for the band after the success of the brilliant OK Computer. With no singles or videos, radio stations didn't know what to make of it. However, fans fell in love with the strange and bizarre album and it's sales shot into No. 1. Soon after the shocking sales, they were booked to play on Saturday Night Live and the chaos that followed OK Computer would repeat again for Radiohead.
Quote from WikiPedia: When asked in 2001 by MTV, "How do you guys feel about the fact that bands like Travis, Coldplay, and Muse are making a career sounding exactly like your records did in 1997?", Yorke replied: "Good luck with Kid A."
by AcidTears September 28, 2005
Radiohead's album Kid A is a treat for the ears and the mind. Think of it this way: listening to the album is like working out, if you haven't done something similar to it (in the album's case I mean listening to different kinds of music), it might be hard to get into it but once you do get into it, it is rewarding. Believe me, invest your time on listening to this album. I fell in love with this album initially while doing my homework and listening to it because like most people I was just used to listening to shittypopular music, so I just couldn't give it my undivided attention. However, the album grew on me and when I look back on it, this tiny disc, is one of the greatest things I own.
Next time you go to the music store, buy a copy of Kid A.
by RACL October 26, 2005
A radiohead album so fucking good, you cannot describe it's greatness.
by Seenus September 30, 2003
1. an album by radiohead

2. one of the best albums ever done
I could listen to all of the tracks without skipping on Kid A.
by andreacky772 August 29, 2004
An amazing and innovating album by Radiohead.
Kid A fucking kicks ass.
by Radioheadfan September 28, 2003
Kid A is the next generation in human genetics. In the rare video for radiohead 'National Anthem' you see a cartoon thom getting kidnapped and having test done on him, blood gets taken and as he leaves he starts seeing people with the bear logo as faces, These later look like him. The final lines of it are 'Now I'm the imposter, and the real one is gone forever'.
A Duplicate of Someone to create a higher genetical human, Kid A, Kid B, Kid C
by SeveredSpirit November 09, 2004
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