Beyond gnarly. Right above nifty-keen. The epitome of cool. If someone calls you a kickin' dude/dudette, cherish it.
I drive a kickin' car.
by Vicious February 08, 2004
Top Definition
Sweet.Completely cool.
Omg that party will be kickin tonight!
by Wiggstress October 19, 2002
When you hear great mad tunage and you can't help to rock it hard, you are kickin' to the jams.
Man, that tunage is bad to the bone, it's kickin', kick!
by madinsomniac December 20, 2010
The moment you start to notice the drugs take effect.
-"those shrooms took an hour to kick in, I was starting to think I got ripped off and felt stupid for willingly eating cow turd".

-"Op op op! I think that wasabi pea is starting to kick in!".

-"I got all kinds of dibbles on me, guaranteed to kick in within 15 minutes or less! or your money back! call right now and you'll even receive a free lap dance! (tips not included, we are not responsible for clothes stains)".
by Dude_Brah_Man January 14, 2011
To chill or hangout, relax.
I'm just kickin' it at tha crib wit some dymes, nigga got it good.
by Krayzee Redd March 18, 2005
To experience sickness and craving during a cold-turkey cessation of a physically addicting drug, such as heroin. This definition more commonly associated with the '70's.
Better hide her money and lock 'er up for a couple days while she's kickin' smack.
by Etch December 17, 2006
a wya to say somehting is cool
Dude, that shirt is KICKIN'
by Rumor August 12, 2003

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