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When a person or group of persons places a box that appears to be empty, but acctually contains a large brick or cinderblock, on a sidewalk or commonly traveled place. While you are watching from accross the road, people will pass and kick the box (out of the way, for fun, or because you tell them to) and hurt their foot.
You are playing "Kick the Box" when you are watching people kick the box, not acctually when you kick it yourself. This is common entertainment for college students when they are drunk. Empty thirty pack boxes are commonly used.
Best results are obtained when you are playing near drunk people, in busy areas, or if you place the box directly in the path that people must walk.
What did you do last night?

We sat around, drank a thirty pack on the porch, and played kick the box all night.
#kick the box #kick #box #thirty pack #dirty thirty #cinderblock #cinder block #brick #empty box #sinderblock
by Uncle Brian August 14, 2007
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