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adjective. To describe something fun and entertaining.

verb. To leave a place with another person.
Emily: What do you think of this band?
Colin: Dude, it totally kicks tits!

John: We've gotta jet to this party.
Emily: Yeah, come on guys we've gotta kick tits!
by FrankieTrouble August 12, 2008
To make moves and get on up out. Avoid weak shit and seek adventure. A sick spin off of the phrase "Kick rocks", revolutionary phrase on the University of Oregon campus.
Aye nigga let's kick tits, I'm trying to get some food.
by yokey bear April 23, 2011
this is a person, place or thing that does more than kicks ass, it kicks tits. this is something that my cousin made up, it was fuckin awesome, so i figured i put it on this shitty site.
"dude, i went to a lamb of god concert on friday, they fuckin kick tits!"
by stevie pevie February 19, 2006

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