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To put in a solid 6 hours of work per day. To leave a project early. Unable or unwilling to work a full day.
I have a Dr. appt. this afternoon so I'm kibing out of here for the day .
Fred didn't show up for work today; he kibed it again.
by callmeDoni January 14, 2016
A surprising blow to the testicles. Pronounced: Kai-b
John kibed Glen hard enough to make him cry.

Wow, that was a wicked kibe, John.
by Rollins2k December 25, 2008
Kibes is a word used to describe numerous situations. When something is cool, when you are angry, or when you are surprised.
Tommy thinks that Matt's new shirt is tight, so he says "Oh Kibes".

Bob got cut off while he was driving the other day, "KIIIIBES," he screamed out the window at the offending car.

by Ashley Tina August 18, 2007
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