an orgy consisting of 54 persons which is located in the ass of square descent.
Omg i cannot wait for kibbutz this summer!
by david wicoff August 12, 2007
Top Definition
A kibbutz is an Israeli concept of a farm-residence. The basic principle is that anyone can come in, stay and be fed, as long as they work towards the upkeep of the kibbutz. One can stay for two days or for a lifetime. There are 278 kibbutzim (plural of kibbutz) in Israel. They are often strictly Orthodox Jewish - requiring no work to be done on Shabbat , for example. They are the basic Communist template, because often no money is exchanged in the residence/farming transactions.
Kibbutz Lavi is a school trip available to JFS students
by shakespeare*frizbee*98 June 09, 2011
A Character from Grand Theft Auto 4. A person who takes steriods at times and can get a little crazy. But can be a great, and fun friend to hang out with. Thinks that his friends are all "winners" and "players"
Brucie Kibbutz
by NikoLiberty December 27, 2009
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