Idiommatic shorthand for "the best god knows how to make," "the daze bringer," or "perfection unfolding."
Dude, did you see that Kib do that thing where she rotates her hands in circles and moves her body from side to side?
by Silverstone Metallic May 15, 2003
Top Definition
Another slang word for cool, sweet, steller, down, excellent, legit.
"dude that car is so kib!"
"you are the kibbiest boy i have ever met"
"how are you,' well im straigh kibby!"
#pus #sweet #cool #legit #awesome
by the kibbiest June 23, 2009
Knife in Butthole.
Avery: Hey, Talia wanna KIB tonight?
Talia: Ofcourse I do!

Josh: Whatsup Miriam wanna KIB tonight?
Miriam: You're younger than me, so we really shouldn't, but I love you so okay.
#knife #butthole #kib #sex #bang
by moshman1234 September 11, 2010
An abbreviation of the phrase "Keep India British," used as a farewell salutation in informal speech and text messages as a kind of conservative shibboleth.

The abbreviation is derived from the name of a Canadian croquet team (i.e., "Team Keep India British") which frequented the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in the early years of the present century.

Usage now peculiar to Brasenose College, Oxford.
In conversation:

"I say, you're off to the union now, aren't you?"
"Well, give those socialists what for."
"Right. K.I.B."

Or in a text message:

"Bah! Brideshead is on in the MCR now. Care to join?"
"It would be my distinct pleasure. K.I.B."
#skew-biff #hklp #bah! #miaow #british empire #oxford #toryism #brasenose college
by mercurius oxoniensis December 12, 2009
A person who lives life to the fullest. Enjoying life and having fun.
"Dude, your a KIB"

"I am proud to take the name and represent what is a KIB"
#living #life #tight #represent #fun
by The Original March 27, 2012
(Brit) text abbreviation for Kick in the Bollocks

related: BKIB - Big kick in bollocks
eg. Geoff is so annoying at times, I feel like giving him a KIB.
#kib #bkib #kick in bollocks #bick kick in bollocks #british slang
by lexiconist January 07, 2011
1. n. A cigarette.
v. The act of smoking
Let's go kib.
by Schmoey January 21, 2004
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