Kiara: Amazing girl, sometimes thick, black or white, loves metal, has a wall for a couple of weeks but it will go down fast, wears her heart on her sleeve, awesome, usually bi-sexual or lesbian c:
Person: Dayummmmmmm, who's that?
Girl: That's Kiara, she hawt, huh c;
by PierceTheViel <3 March 05, 2013
can be a white or black female. black female is usually ghetttto. the white version usualy ot tall, having whick of a big butt. very sexual and aggresive, reffering to bomchikawahwah. one that has the name kiara is outgoig kind and confused about everything whick comes her way. good in bed and is very hard to get off your mind. not a slut
kiara was really good i bed
by wowzersssss August 24, 2008
Kiara is usually a fake ass hoe that wears fake eyelashes has fake boobs & a fake butt. Her weave is always falling off and she smell like pussy
Yeahp if you see her at the 99€ store it's a Kiara!
by Plonyceawaextvjnkmjb March 02, 2014

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