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A very young gorgeous girl who doesn't like to get action, and gets annoyed very easily. Kiannas are very outgoing and HATE guys that use girls for action.
Hey you know that girl over there. She's Kianna.
by Kirstcum May 30, 2008
A Kianna is a beautiful, quirky, powerful person. A unique name and a unique personality, her eyes are a colour of beauty and she makes friends wherever she goes and knows how to make people laugh and smile. A Kianna will also strive to reach their full potential with everything they do.
She is so funny , she has to be a Kianna .
by bloggingfordays January 11, 2014
Kianna is a loyal trustworthy person she not only cares about herself but she also cares about others she will listen to what people say and then give her advice to see people happy and smile and together as one is what she likes. She likes to have fun and hangout with people even though she may seem shy she will open up if she trust you she doesnt like being lied to and sense problems a mile away when she gets mad she will go off and scream she has a short temper and little understanding with a bad attitude if talking to her she wants to see eye to eye not ni text or phone call because she wont care they get annoyed easy sleeps with a sweater at night and take it wherever she looks up to people who she know will always be there for her she trust that person to doesn't want people walking out of her life she admits when she is wrong shes a very good role model she will ride out keep promises to all show love and respect she like criminal things once you have her trust dont burn the bridge with her because she will let you go and keep doing her she like to call another person her godmother and wish to spend a week and sometimes full day with them kiannas are very intelligent and outgoing people who lend a hand and helps other
I trust her so much with so many secrets that's kianna

Dont take their kindness fir weak thats a kianna
by kormian March 25, 2014
Kianna is the type of girl who has your back no matter what. She is gorgeous, smart, talented, nice curves, and very kind. Kianna is the girl you'd want to marry at first site.
Man I hope I stay with kianna
by Tkelly4two January 05, 2015
a girl who will be your best friend until you need her. She always contradicts her opinions on people. For instance if she she say she doesn't like a person she will be hanging out with them within a week. She is always looking for the next best thing, whether in boys or friends. She likes to fight. Never the girl who will throw you a party, Just will show up and act like its for her. Her problems are always worse than yours.
1: my boyfriend just broke up with me and i lost my job.
2: today at work i spilled coffee on me when my coworker tripped me...bitch
1: Kianna-
2:and the stain wont come out
by justmealways12345 September 17, 2011
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