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A really hot girl with a nice ass, but a kiana loves to be center of attention expecially with the guys, a kiana will do anything for attention.
look at that kiana.
by Hotty400 August 07, 2008
745 480
A Kiana is a quirky, powerful person. Thrives off of energy and humor, but usually needs this to be balanced with intellect and structure. A very intense individual; a Kiana expresses their emotion at the highest velocity. A Kiana will also strive to reach their full potential with everything they do.
She is so ambitious... she must be a Kiana
by indiechic February 01, 2010
876 267
A Kiana is a beautfuil kind hearted girl, she puts
her friends and families needs before herself. A unique name and a unique personality, her eyes are a colour of beauty and she makes friends wherever she goes and knows how to make people laugh and smile.
Guy: Hey guess what?
Guy 2: What man?
Guy: I met a Kiana and im pretty sure im in love!
Guy 2: You lucky guy! dont lose that girl
by Baller933333332 April 05, 2010
714 236
A stunningly beautiful girl with many friends. Pretty, funny, sometimes quiet, thoughtful, well- rounded personality. Enjoys swimming, soccer. Loves animals, especially cats and rabbits... Competitive athlete, supportive of teammates. Very sexy and has many lovers. Hot ass, and big boobs, Kiana's the girl that has boys at her feet!
Check out Kiana! She's so hot, I just wanna bang her!!!
by lolITTYxxx July 31, 2011
270 147
kiana's are very agressive people. They find their ways into the most weirdest of crouds and, love to fight. They can have their "blonde" momments but you'll rarley catch one when they have it. Although they are agressive, they are too much fun to be around and you would be very lucky to have one with you, charish them closley. They are also very loyal and protective about their friends!
Mp: Hey did you see Kiana today?
Aly: ya she was fighting that girl today for making fun of her friends.
by Mp2222 December 31, 2011
184 87
Kiana is a very quiet girl when you first meet her. Once you get to know her she is very crazy and hyper person. She makes friends wherever She goes. She is someone you want to get to know. Can't forget that she's a secret freak.
Boy: I know this girl Kiana and...
Boy2: yeaaahh....
Boy: she's the best
by Annie rose December 05, 2013
41 5
Kiana is a derk. She is funn to be around with. Everyone thinks shes amazing yet she thinks of hersself as the exact opposite. Of course shes going to be asian because asians are awesome. She will be a joy in your life so if a kiana ever comes into your life dont let her slip away.

P.S. she fails alot.
Shes a derk. what's her name? its kiana. of course. Its cuz shes a derk.
by Derk. September 26, 2010
222 193