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A significant amazing girl, Beautiful eyes, Funny, Breatakingly amazing. She could be you're bestest friend or your worstest enemy. All of the boys are literally waiting in line to get to her.

She is hell sexy, Drop dead gorgeous, Strong minded, Encouraging and inspirational you'd want to be by her side at all times just to know what great stories she has to tell

But she ain't easily impressed by big dicks, you gotta know what she's thinking all the time if you are with Khyra don't break her heart or she'll break you're ego and you'll regret cause that girl is one in a million
Guy: Hey man who's the new gf??
Dude: Oh <3 her name is Khyra and shes hella fine ;)
Guy: OMG! Khyra? No fucking way dude!
Dude: Hey man she's mine get your own gf fool!!
Guy: How can i? when shes one in a million
Dude: i know ;)
by KhyrasBf June 22, 2011
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