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A sexy guy who's very loving, laid back and non-judmental. He's everything a girl could look for in a boyfriend, even though sometimes a relationship with a Khrishna can be difficult. Starting off as a player, if they meet the right girl, can turn into one of the most amazing boyfriends ever. Very hard to find anyone like a Khrishna, because they are unique in a lot of ways. Usually grown up with strict parents, so Khrishna's are polite and mature. Very closed off in themselves, they don't like to tell their feelings to anyone although they love to help others. Overall, Khrishna's are not like any other guy, and any girl that gets to have a relationship with them is very lucky.
That guy sure is like no other guy I've ever met, his name must be Khrishna.
by BabyyGirl(: November 14, 2009
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