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The study of physiokinesiological dynamics using the computational tools of bioinformatics and specialized mathematical formulas developed by Marcus Khracsl.

Marcus Julian Khracsl is a Turkish mathematician who utilized the "Leiden Classical" model of molecular dynamics to solve certain problems in the field of physiokinesiology. By using Newtonian (classical) mechanics, Khracsl was able to avoid the computational barriers associated with the use of quantum mechanics in the study of human movement. The placement of his formulas in the well-established framework of bioinformatics (the use of computers in biological research) opened up new possibilities in the field of physiokinesiology.

Please note that none of this is real. Khracsldiphysique is a fictional word introduced into real-life usage by the television series "South Park." It is a comical example of a difficult word to spell.


- - The following takes place at a elementary school spelling bee - -


Mayor McDaniels: Here we go. Spell Khracsldiphysique.

Kyle Broflovski: What?!

Mayor McDaniels: Khracsldiphysique.

Kyle Broflovski: Can you use it in a sentence?

Mayor McDaniels: Certainly. "Khracsldiphysique is a hard word to spell."

Kyle Broflovski: Uhh... C

by Daxa August 10, 2009
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