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1. Hindi slang for a brothel/whorehouse, may be used to denote a popular hangout (sometimes the word 'khopcha' is also used)
Look for them near Carter Road - it's their khota.
by Shyamrao July 16, 2008
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Khota is the word for donkey in Punjabi.

It is also title given to Khalistanis by people of the Indian state of Punjab.

You find a lot of Khotas in Canada and the UK trying to establish their insecure identity by making silly political noises about Sikhism.
Person A- "Been decades since we've seen Khotas in Punjab."
Person B- "Good thing they've been driven out by the police. They've killed way too many innocent people here."
by Oye Jarnail Jarnail Oye December 22, 2010
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