A supposed awful tasting item from your run of the mill foreign lunch vendor located in downtown New York City. This is the actual spelling of the food, as opposed to the otherwise used Khlav K(h)alash. From past experiences with the Khlav Kalash, the main choice of beverage is typically a can or two of Crab Juice. This item is served ONLY only a stick, no bowl.
"No Pizza, Only Khlav Kalash"
by cavvz April 27, 2009
Top Definition
A recipe of mutton, lamb, tomatoes, carnations, onions, water, oil, and salt & pepper. It's all ground into a thick ball of meat.

Best served on a stick, with Mountain Dew or Crab Juice - as seen on The Simpsons.
Khlav Kalash Guy: "Get your Khlav Kalash!"


Homer: "Oh, alright. Give me one bowl."
Khlav Kalash Guy: "No bowl. Stick, stick."
by Oil Country September 30, 2007
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