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A very sweet nice kind guy, hes very caring usually not good at expressing his feelings...and im REALLY SORRY
One girl- awww well that was sweet
Other girl- yeah hes such a khiaran
by Gurlwhoisverysorry October 08, 2012
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Khiaran is a really nice guy. He can help you when your sad, and make the funniest remarks. A lot of the time when does something, he will come back and tell you the story. The story always consists of a lot of hand and arm movements :P When you feel like the world is against you, he'll find a way to make you smile :) He is really good in school and always basically aces all the classes. He is really responsible and always acts like a father to his friends. He is nice to everyone and cares for everyone. He is HORRIBLE at lying and he's also bad at raising one eyebrow. He is the best friend in the world though :) and he wears glasses
Khiaran: Hey guess what just happened?

Friend: What?

Khiaran tells the story and he's waving his arms a lot :P
by friend :P June 27, 2013

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