khayla a very beautiful individual. can be very unique. Sticks out from the croud, in a good way. she is not a slut or a sex goddess but she most deffinatly loves her boys! Khayla is NOT SHY, she will kick you in the ass if she has to. she is very outgoing and a loyal friend. (she cannot keep a secret no matter how much you trust her.) Overall Khayla is the most amazing friend that you will ever meat and will always be there for you when you need her. she will ALWAYS put a smile on your face.:)
I'm a Khayla and your not!( that makes you a bitch)
by Peaches10990909 June 26, 2012
Khayla is the nubian sex goddess. Her mere presense stiffens cocks insTantly. Legs are long and stong to wrap around your neck!
Khayla had me on my knees pleasuring her pussy until I gargled her juices! We both came many, many, times!
by Stripes222 November 14, 2010

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