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Arabic slang for shit or crap. Mostly used when a donkey refuses to move or a when a child needs his daily whippings.

Not to be confused with khar. Sometime during a typical kharr's life, it is allowed the chance to become holy, transforming it into "Holy Kharr". When it achieves this form, it may divide by zero, causing a rift in time and space and eventually stopping time. Therefore, overuse of "Holy Kharr" is not recommended.
*donkey is not moving*
Man: "You piece of kharr!"

*child is whining*
Man: "That kid's needs his kharr'ing whipping."

Man: "Holy kharr!"
*divides by zero*
*explosions and crap*
*universe begins*
by Ononymous000 August 07, 2008

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