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Means friend.

A person who loves people and can make a connection with anyone. When people get to know her they fall in love with her and get attached to her.

She is also very intelligent and spiritually in touch with the Creator of life.

She is beautiful inside and outside, but, spends more time making her inside pretty.

Men love her because she makes them feel like they are a king, by getting into their hearts and minds, not their beds.

She is rich and shares her wealth with others.
I want my daughter to be a Khalilah.
by Mr. Michael White February 03, 2010
1. One who replaces daily water requirements with Chardonnay
2. One who does not enjoy coffee drinks
3. Suffers from an unusual allergic reaction to having fruits and/or nuts mixed into her food
4. Instantly enraged by conflation of any black musician with R. Kelly
5. Easily recognizable by these quotes: "It's Rick James, bitch!", "Why walk when you can drive? I'm just sayin'...", "F$#@ #$% %^^##$%@#$#!&*@!!!!!"
Boy: "Is this R. Kelly?"
Khalilah: "It's Rick James, BITCH!"
by Oughttobedoingwork February 03, 2010
One who makes lots of noise while doing everyday tasks.
Matt: Dude I couldn't get any sleep because Khalilah was talking so loud on the phone.

Mark: Yeah man, I hear ya, same thing when she was doing the dishes.
by Boyyyyyy2222 November 21, 2010
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