a kenyan lookin ass nigga. he usually doesnt get his haircut for such a long period of time it starts to look like velcro. he usually gets darker every time you see him. he gets ugly ass girls named regina, regina by the way has a hair line that starts all the in china. it makes you want to hurl. a khalil is usaually a kid who give signs to show that is gay.
1. Gucci- yo you see that text khalil sent me

Wocka- wow !!! that nigga said hes gay

2. Lloyd Banks- hey whose the boy khalil wit

Tony Yayo- AHH SHIT nigga thats Regina, the girl wit the messed up hairline

3. Eminem- YOO whose the new kenyan kid

Dre- ahh thats dat nappy headed nigga khalil
by Ram Jam Anal May 28, 2010
Khalil is an arabic word meaning FRIEND.
"Yaa khalil" O friend
by smasher January 07, 2005
a very friendly person and usually is a boy with a nice size penis. A khalil is very funny and attractive
sexy hot athletic khalil
by jary876 June 20, 2010
Khalil is arabic for friend, thus Khalil is one of the greatest and most loyal friends you could ever have. Most often male, he always thinks of his friends first and would do anything he could to help them. Never afraid to let loose, Khalil is confident with a quirky side. Very funny and attractive, he has all the ladies fast on his heals just waiting for a chance to get with him.
" I met a really cute guy today, he was so sweet"
"Was it Khalil?"
"How did you know?"
"He's just the greatest"
by TheAllKnowingOne1 December 28, 2011
Currently the term Khalil is used with a positive connotation. Applied to those who choose to push the boundaries, question leadership, achieve independence, and influence others to do the same while maintaining a role model perspective as an unwavering friend, a truthful ally and valuable member of any team. Even when complimented, Khalil maintains a modest self image, never cocky or arrogant. One you could trust with your life.
"You're such a Khalil, always inspiring other, and questioning the system, you make this world a better place"
"Well thank you friend"
by TH3 T3LL1N6 December 28, 2011
Jennifer Ramirez Lopezs' lover and husband fo life and beyond. and he will kill any muhfugga that funks wiff her. Fo real. you will die.
Hey, did you hear Khalil is in jail?
Yea, somebody looked at Jennifer I heard.
He fuckin took off their head with a paperclip. Goddam, hes crazy.
by Badmuhfugga October 08, 2008

Weird, weirdo, a strange person, nut case, nut job, phsyco, creep.
"stop being such a khalil"

"this situation feels so khalil"

"something very khalil is happening here"

"if you weren't such a khalil I might have helped you out"

"wow why is this person wasting my time by being all khalil and shit".
by kharakhatkhaty November 26, 2008

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