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The second half of Cameron Jibril Thomaz's (Wiz Khalifa) stage name, originating from the Arabic word caliph meaning successor.
Hey did you hear that Wiz Khalifa got arrested?
by Kerolf August 01, 2011
To take a pee and a poop at the same time.

Comes from Wiz Khalifa who raps the song "black and yellow".
I gotta go Khalifa after all that fried chicken and grape soda.
by ihate everyone July 25, 2012
Badass mofo that doesnt give two craps from mugging a woman. The kind of guy that everyone hates on and he's jist like "deal with it". Has a fiery attitude and tackles life the way he tackles his friends
"Isnt it the moron khalifa?"
"If he hears you, he moght as well mug you"
by Hdjksiso January 04, 2016
The drink of a champion, if you are Taylor, you will understand. Champagne and Lemonade. Drink this and soon you will be stuntin like jet lee: boat houses and jet skis.
Is it taylor if i grab a glass of that Khalifa? I will let you smoke this paper....
by No Pants Lance April 25, 2011
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