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The opposite/equivalent of a "Denim Dan", typically this person would wear Khaki shorts or pants with a plain white T-shirt. This person would wear black shoes with pants and sneakers with shorts.

This is also a character from the Run Home Studios short, "Denim Dan". He is a crime fighting side-kick to Denim Dan. It can be viewed at
Guy: Honey, what do you think if i wore jeans with this?
Girl: Well, I think you would look really comfortable
Guy: Honey, what about khaki's with this?
Girl: Well, I'd have to say you'd look like a Khaki Kyle

Fella1: Did you see that guy with the White T-Shirt and Khaki pants?
Fella2: Hell yeah! Without a doubt he looked like a Khaki Kyle
by KKDD3252 August 03, 2009
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