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Khadija means premature. So most of the girls named Khadija are either physically or mentally older than other kids their age. They're mostly chased by boys older than them. Say 4 to 5 years older. They lack ability to communicate because they hate everyone. And they're cute with poped up cheeks. Khadija's are philosophical. Ab tareef karon kya uski jisney inhe (Khadija) bnaya. And never misspell Khadija with Khatija.
by Baby doll -.- May 20, 2013
An amazing tall-ish, fair, pretty girl who is loved by everyone except for a few but that is expected (jealousy) e.g FK. Khadijas love chocolate and sugary foods so buy that for them everyday. They're unique and are a great person to give advice and to have as a girlfriend.
FK: im jealous of Khadija.
by MOSESSSSS July 14, 2009
A cute, small Brown girl.
Aw look at that Khadija, don't you just want to pinch her cheeks.
by KD D. May 11, 2008
Can be used as a noun, verb, or participle of speech. The Muslim version of being a cougar. For a Muslim woman to date, marry, or mack on a much much much younger man.
Mariah really pulled a khadija, i can't believe she married Nick Cannon!

Nasreen is such a khadija, her boyfriend just graduated from college and she's 35. You go girl!
by Ellette d' Clover June 24, 2011