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in the spanish version of the bible it has it as one of Job's daughters which are proclaimed as the most beautifulest woman in the land.
Hey you seen that new girl Kezia

Yeah she's her name sake
by OhSoPana September 20, 2008
Kezia is a lovely, intelligent girl who is usually quiet but can be loud at times. Usually hv very random & crazy friends. She is usually short but lots of fun 2 be around. Usually a musician. Most ppl ADORE her!!
'Isn't she nice, she's a Kezia'
by kkkkkkkrazy :) September 05, 2011
Someone who lights up the room. She is a amazing friend to people around her. She is often good in bed. She is a decendent from the godess of beauty.
Shit that girls a kezia
by meh111 March 29, 2011
1. The first full-length release by Canadian metal band Protest the Hero. Kezia is essentially a concept album (or "situationist requiem" as the band members have called it), tracing the interconnected stories of three people - Kezia, a young woman sentenced to death, the prison guard ordered to execute her, and the prison priest presiding over her execution - in a very deep and emotional way. the lyrics were written by bassist Arif Mirabdolbaghi, a poet in the very sense of the word. Perhaps more impressive, the band members began writing the music when they were teenagers and taught themselves how to play it for years, and play excellently at that. Whether you label them as "emo" or not, anyone who does not at the very least acknowledge the band's exceptional talent and the musicianship displayed in Kezia, is either hearing-impaired, or devoid of any musical taste whatsoever and in the latter case, must be immediately ear-stabbed. In short, Kezia is an aural and lyrical orgasm.

2. Anything which causes a sublime release of pleasure in the ear region.
"My girl and I tried aural sex last nite."
"How was it?"
"It was fucking kezia."
by Zegeroth August 03, 2007
Kezia is the perfect girlfriend! She's drop dead gorgeous, caring, understanding and has the best personality in a girl you could ever imagine. Her eyes and smile are beautiful are she's amazing in general. There must be a God for someone as perfect as Kezia exist.
Omg thats kezia asdfghjkl
by UnicornSwag December 07, 2012
Spanish name. Often nicknames Keesh, Kez, or Ke.
Outgoing, positive outlook.
Called Kesha after popular recording artist.
Original girls name
1) Look there's Kezia!
2) Which one?
1) The only one in the school.
by applesauce343 April 11, 2010
A ginger brace faced girl which is claimed to be a geek. She is tall and quite slim with freckle on her face. She has a natural beauty.
Me: Who is that girl?
You: She is kezia.
by kjjbnr September 21, 2010
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