A woman with a cute face and nice hair but no tits. Often short, but not a requirement. Frequently employed as a television NILF, where all they need to show is the woman's face to attract viewers.
Examples of a Kewpie Doll are Kieran Chetry and Julie Banderas from FOXNews. Not to be confused with women who have ugly faces and no tits, like Natalie Portman.
by Wolf Schnitzel May 24, 2009
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Top Definition
A small inexpensive and cheaply made doll given as a prize for winning a game at an amusement park or fair or given as a consolation prize. A sarcastic term to denote a figurative prize (not actually given) for either accomplishing or not accomplishing a trivial goal, such as attempting to spell an easy word or guessing the answer to some trivial question.
You guessed my middle name. Give that girl a kewpie doll!
by ekks September 22, 2010

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