Also: Chavs, Scallies, Townies...

These are the coolest people on earth!!! Actually...nah. Not at all. The opposite. They are all the most uncool people regardless of their personalities, because, lets face it, they don't actually have personalities. The best way to describe them is to say that they only have enough brain cells to accept people who look exactly the same as they do; if they can look at a mirror and then at another human being and see a different person, it confuses them, and they lash out violently at the other person.

For this reason, all chavs look the same, with fake burberry, jewelery and tracksuits. They pay for such extravagances (in their eyes of course) with money stolen from old ladies' handbags and government benifits (since the government are convinced that they should rob from the civilised members of society in order to give to lazy, fat yobs who can't get off their arses for long enough to even learn the english language.
'So I was sittin on me bench, lightenin in hand, and dis bloke just laak looks at me laak y'know, so I gets up and says to 'im "Woot the fock do you think your playin at laak? You staartin wit me laak...' and so the endless accounts of a startlingly similar nature go on until the kevs decide that socialising is too much effort so they go and rob an old lady.
by Snack88 May 17, 2005
A person who appears to have been struck in the face by a burning welly.
'mate that guy over there is a real kev'
by mousseyppi August 27, 2008
An absolute dickhead of the highest order.
Jesus man Kev was a dickhead last night, he nearly killed Laura.
by chizzy666 June 08, 2011
word is used to be applied to males who like to fall down or up stairs, off chairs, and in bathrooms and enjoys the companionship from multiple females within the 21771 zip code. He is also known to attack females in the 1001 block of Twin Arch Road
I was having sex with this guy and after we were done he told me who he had sex with. He was such a Kev!
by sc80rm39 October 28, 2010
Synonymous for Jew or Jewish.
Jon: Lol look at that guy pick up those cw braces. Jeff: What a Kev.
by Durza51 June 29, 2009
a peanut-sized clitoris
kev has a clitoris the size and shape of a peanut
by berean May 08, 2006
Kev is someone you can always depend on to listen to every detail of even the most mundane of stories and make you smile at the end of a hard day. They often have a great sense of humour but tend to follow with the crowd and usually are nervous to venture out of their comfort zone. But Kev will always be there to pick you back up if you need it.
Wow that Kev is such a great friend I don't know what i'd do without them.
by DreamOf-Alaska October 07, 2012

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