When someone has taken too much Ketamin, they are kettled
That last one has done me... i am totally Kettled
by Employee of the Year October 28, 2010
Top Definition
A term well known in South West England for best describing a young male and female having anal sex.
"Me and this boy had anal sex last night"
"Eww you got kettled"
by PaddyPeacock June 07, 2009
To suffer humiliation at the hands of another, often as a result of personal idiocy. A result of the TutRim Theory of Moderation™.
Arseface: Haha, I am so much cooler than you!
George: But your name is arseface.
Impartial Observer: Kettled!
by Brick. May 03, 2005
Had one to many drinks, i.e. pissed!
I so kettled, I cant stand up
by Jelly_Boy March 25, 2004
a. 1. Really high; baked, fried, blazed, stoned, etc.
-Oh my lord, I am soooo blazed, how bout you?

-I am kettled off my ass!
by artizz April 21, 2006

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