To beat viciously. Originated from a scene in the 2007 movie Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street where Sweeney Todd (played by Johnny Depp) beats Pirelli (Sacha Baron Cohen) with a tea kettle.
I heard you got kettle'd by a kid. There's no excuse for that, man.
by Trinket Stag August 02, 2008
A steam locomotive/steam train
Did you see those folks Trainspotting at the station? They were waiting to photograph a kettle
by kettle spotter May 23, 2010
Derived from the (Y) sign used on instant messaging, as this looks slightly like a vagina. So, when you thumbs up someone, you're calling them a cunt. Taking this further, when a fireman thumbs up you, he's calling you a cunt. Kettles were originally heated by fire, which is put out by firemen, so Kettle became slang for cunt.
she had a right bucket of a kettle!
by thekettle June 27, 2011
'Did you bang her last night then?'
'Yeahh...Her kettle was getting all steamy, if you know what I mean'
by Helrivkit April 21, 2009
Someone that can sing un-naturally high notes.
Jon: Hey did you here MIKA's new song?
Smith: Yeh, he's such a kettle.
by sopifhboirbj December 09, 2007
Canister, usually made of cast iron, used for simmering food over a flame for a long period of time.
Paw git out der and chake that KeTTle.
by balbonie September 09, 2003
A collection of porn in any form. As you would say a "flock" of sheep you say a "kettle" of porn. However kettle can be used on its own with the same effect.
Farmer Jess: I have a chicken kettle at home, would you like some?
Dr Jamie: No, i prefer male kettles to be honest.
(this shows Farmer Jess is very into animal sex and Jamie is homosexual :D)
by Morrison Fraser March 05, 2008

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