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The runny liquid that comes out of the ketchup bottle before the thicker, actual ketchup comes out.
aww dude! i just put ketchup pre-cum all over my hotdog!
by vPeter February 12, 2013
The undesirable pale red watery liquid that (literally) comes out of a ketchup bottle when one fails to shake it sufficiently before squeezing.
Bob didn't shake the bottle enough and it jizzed ketchup pre-cum all over his hot dog.
by Illneedasaviour September 04, 2013
the watery liquid that comes from the ketchup bottle prior to the actual ketchup. Similar to mustard pre-cum
I forgot to shake the bottle first and doused my dog with ketchup pre-cum! gross
by so fresh and so colleen June 03, 2015
The liquidy substance that comes out of the bottle before the ketchup
Some fucking ketchup pre-cum got on my fries and I'm pissed
by Charizarddd June 13, 2015
The weird, liquid-y stuff that comes out of a ketchup bottle if you don't shake it.
"You gotta shake dat ketchup bottle, or else ketchup pre-cum will be all over your hot dog."
by TomZeBomb June 10, 2015

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