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a noun used to describe hairy monkey (often a gorilla) which is fond of breaking into people's houses to watch the tellitubies while simultaneously ransacking their refrigerators.
Person # 1:"Dude,I got mauled by a huge Keskar this morning!

Person #2: WTF,man! Are you ok?

Person #1: Yeah,It was AWESOME! That thing even ate those disgusting spinach burritos my mom made for lunch...
by Saltedguava December 18, 2010
a term used colloquially to describe how high people get when they eat a hot fudge banana split sundae with cotton candy and coke. Keskar is a really good feeling.
Person 1: Hey,wtf happened to Ferb?

Person 2:I dunno,dude! I got him one ice cream,and he got all keskar.
by Saltedguava December 29, 2010