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Kes (pronounced /ˈkɛs/) is a character in the television series Star Trek: Voyager, played by Jennifer Lien. Her Species is Ocampa. She was also a medical assistant.
Kes is an excellent nurse!
by The1AndOnlyMs.Dick August 11, 2010
somebody's love match
kes, kes, please come and sit on my shoulder and we can make sweet love
by jack barker February 11, 2004
Bird of prey from up north, smokes heavily, wings clipped thus doomed to live forever down South with all the noncey sparrows
you wouldn't believe how much kestrels smoke nowadays
by Aslan June 14, 2004
The most coolest people to walk the earth. It is part of a religion.
These people dont like queer assholes who pretend to be gay then decide they are straight the next day and gonna get stabbed. To sum our memories up in one word it would be - herroikirryoufamirayduckmymumandcallherbrendaemiraykatyandsteverrnflidaphilingjewratwhores ;)
K- we must all pray to the best religion of all.. KES
E- all hail KES!
S- mmm Cake.
by EMIRAAAAY:D October 01, 2011
The stuffed bird on BO' Selectas'craig davids'arm.
Jeremy Stone
by Robbie and Sean March 11, 2004
Kes is a beautiful and amazing girl who everybody loves. She is loud and hilarious, and can seem kinda scary at times, but once you get to know her she is the most kind, caring and loving girl you'll ever meet, and will always be there for you when you need it most. Kes listens to heavy-metal and screamo music, and she is very defensive about this, she also thinks religion is a load of bullocks. Everybody loves Kes, because she is just so amazing!

Tyler annoys her. <3
Girl 1: Who is that girl over there?
Girl 2: The really pretty one running around screaming 'YOU'D FUCK LIKE A.. WHOOOOOOOOOORE'?
Girl 1: Yeah, she's gorgeous, she can get in my panties anyay, so who is she?
Girl 3: THAT'S KES, AND SHE'S MY BEST FRIEND! She is alaso a slimy git :D
by Bec Loves Kes :D October 07, 2011
A poor little rat man who invites himself over, and thinks he knows everything. A gossipking.
that bloody kes wants to comeover to my household.
by Mike Hunt October 31, 2003

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