extremely hot, ripped guy who plays guitar and loves sport. Basically, any girl will fall for him because of his great sense of humor and handsome physique.
Jason: All of the girls are in love with Kerrin
Mark: I'm soo jealous
Emma: *drool*
by theONLYmofo May 23, 2010
Top Definition
a fabulously fabulous girl with unlimited potential and smoking hot looks, mesmerising all those she comes in contact with by using her unlimited intelligence and studied charm
you may be lucky enough to know a kerrin
by ruth12 May 07, 2009
Kerrin is a total freak!
by the bff lalalalalalaaa March 19, 2009
fake highlights
Damn my hairdresser gave me some kerrins for free! they suck!
by Aby January 30, 2004

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