Watch the movie 'Deliverance'. This is a "Boy sure has a purdy mouth" state. Enough said.
If you hear someone from Kentucky say "Squeal like a Pig!", run. Run for your life.
by GWNISTWY April 06, 2008
Tucking the penis in-between your legs and having a girl lick the tip.
She knows Kentucky! I think I might marry her!
by Clag May 23, 2007
a place full of hicks that strive to make our country the best chicken possible =)

thank u kentucky for kentucky fried chicken and well.....yeh thats pretty much it...

person from indiana: hey dude wanna go get something to eat, i mean..we here at bloomington indiana are the residents of the number one party place in america.

other person: oky doky.

person from kentucky: fuck me in the ass real hard until i cant feel it and then put some semen into my eye and ill pretend i dont like it but i really will =D
by radjabov January 03, 2007
A place that is not in the South
Kentucky is a part of the Midwest.....DUHHHHH!!!!
by Hugh Jass December 30, 2004
a state that isn't filled with hillbillies, not hicks (the difference is that a hick is a confederate supporter, while a hillybilly is just a rural, stupid person), who live in appalachia and lexington; louisville and south metro cincinnati, don't count as part of kentuck, but as part of the midwest
kentucky is known for the problems in appalachia
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
another name for a chubby, a half erect penis
He usually wakes up holding his kentucky.
by Briannica November 09, 2004
Finest kind of cousin-fuckin country.
15,000,000 people, 6 last names.
by Disabled Dan August 25, 2004

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