The most backward, country assed redneck place in the history of the universe, followed closely by Indiana and West Virginia and Tuscaloosa, Alabammer.
My cousin is from Goathump Holler, Kentucky and he's rat purty. I bet he's got a least four teeth.
by Elouise Hampton September 04, 2007
As a person living in Glasgow Kentucky for two years I think it's safe to say that Kentucky is full of hilljacks, rednecks, inbreeders, and various other human rodentia. Being from the north (I'll be damned if this is a Northern state) I have heard "Yankee" comments more than enough, and often hear the "n-word" as well (discrimination is the state hobby). That is not to say that it isn't a scenic state with some nice places (Louisville, Lexington, Cinci-Metro)but I don't count them as actually being part of Kentucky. Also, the State taxes in KY are more severe than any I have encountered due to the inability of the Kentucky legislature to balance a budget. Another interesting fact is that while their motto is 'Where education pays!', teachers are not allowed a writeoff on state taxes for classroom expenses. A much better motto would be 'Kentucky - Say there boy, hows about we go over yonder and fuck ourselves sum chikens?'
1.) Northerner: "Could I ask why you pulled me over, I didn't realize I was speeding."
Kentucky Trooper: "Boy you got a purdy mouth"

2.) Kentuckian: "Boy you Yankees sho thinks you is so smart. I betchee kaint tell which of these chickens is roosters and which is hens."

Northerner: Sorry, I can't understand a word your saying.

Kentuckian: "Dey all be hens stupid, I aint fuckin me no male chickens. Gidderdun!"
by Douglas Terrance Waterford III March 28, 2005
a place where fucking second cousins is okay; a place where fucking your teacher makes you a local hero; a place where fucking your hand in public is socially acceptable.
I live in Kentucky and I rub my dick against the garage door when I get bored.
by Poopdude385 May 28, 2009
a type of chicken 'kentucky fried chicked' people enjoy it all over the world about from vegetarians
'i love kentucky fried chicken for dinner'
by rebecka September 04, 2007
It means whore in italian.
While Homer Simpson is in Italy picking up Mr. Burns's new Lamborgotti Fastarosa, they stop in a village to get help with the car. Homer then approaches an elderly lady for directions. After receiving directions, he hands her a cup saying Kentucky. She then responds:"In Italian this means whore."
by Syedkhair May 02, 2007
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