A guess or SWAG at a subject. A fudge factor.

From the term for roughly aiming a rifle while allowing for any crosswind.
So, we'll need 100 units, with a fudge factor of 10% and a little Kentucky Windage let's make that 150 units.
by superguy2 November 12, 2010
Top Definition
Kentucky Windage is the practice of applying a horizontal adjustment of the point of aim for wind (windage) without the use of any physical or mechanical adjustments on the weapon.
The sharpshooter eyeballed the target and applied Kentucky windage.
by Thjothvitnir September 10, 2007
When shooting a rifle, the adjusted point of aim when compensating for wind.
The rifleman made sure to check his kentucky windage.
by Connor Taylor July 22, 2005
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