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A highschool located in Kent, Washington, technically Black Diamond, or referred to as Covington. It has some pretty gay teachers and some pretty cool ones. Especially Ms. G thinking chairs are gunshots, and Mr. Wall crackin the best jokes. The sports aren't that good, we tend to loose a lot. They say it's a school for rich people, but send the poorer students there to even it out, but still charge like were cake eaters. Our mascot is a falcon and most of the activities that go on there suck.

-You might know me, Tripple P
Do you go to school?

Kentlake High School
by downtownbosscat May 04, 2009
A school located in Black Diamond, but the social life belongs in Covington or as named by the students Cov Town. The population consists of the Mexicans who always play Mexican music out of their backpack, the average students, and the rednecks. There is no in between. If you drive a lifted Toyota pickup you belong at kentlake. Also prepare to go on adventures to greenwater where the teenagers get shitfaced drunk and pass out in the snow. The administration is super relaxed which makes for a fun environment. But you better bring your Romeos and camo to fit in.

Let's hit up McDonald's in Cov-Town and see how many hicks are here tonight

Let's go to greenwater to get wasted.

Let's go wheeling and break our purple ford truck in greenwater

Let's drive our silver Subaru STI that mommy paid for.
Kentlake Highschool, where the hicks meet at McDonald's.
by Kentlakelol April 12, 2016
A school with kick ass people and is located in kent... it has good sports teams and is a boom ass school... with some hot ass Dudes
Kentlake High School is amazing
by katrina of kent April 22, 2009
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