Any Americanized Japanese. Usually has big dick (compared to asians) and big attitude with very little mathematical knowledge.
A:Are you a Kenta?
B:No. I'm a Twinky.
by Demorgan November 26, 2010
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Kenta is one of the most famous people from RedBana, Audition. very popular..a lot of girls in Audition goes gaga 24/7 for Kenta. Anyone would go wet for him. His current IGN is Kru and he's 17 at the moment. His birthday is on May 15, so make sure to tell him happy birthday! He gets along with 14 year olds fabulous, so don't worry young ladies out there. He is a Korean master and a pro at ceecee8. He doesn't like competition, so if a noob like you beats him.. He'll ragequit. Kenta has chinky eyes and loves to brag about his so called ' skills '. He especially calls himself the 'Sexgod' His favorite subject is Bio, so ask him for help! Also, he can do your English homework, but you're taking a risk..says my 50% out of 100. He likes kimchi + cola nuts and in his spare time, he looks up for gay people on youtube dancing. Either that, or watching porn the he ordered from Ebay.
Kenta: What do you think I'm doing right now?!

Anonymous: Masterbating!

Kenta: LOOL, I only do that in the shower nga! When I stand up, my dick touches the floor !!!!1! /cough
by Yourslave May 01, 2010
A jewpanese that chooses a hoodie over a cellphone.
who chooses a hoodie over a cellphone? KENTA !
by yougotowned January 10, 2009

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