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Synonym for 'Mexican'.

See also: Jonathan
"We need to do something about all the Kennys coming across the border."
by Penguin Penguin Penguin March 04, 2007
54 165
A great guy. Very capable of being a bestfriend. Easy to fall in love with. Super nice, defends girls when needed. Can talk to him for hours on end.
"dude, i talked to Kenny last night for 4 hours"

"You so love him"

"No hes just my bestfriend"

"Yeah, sure"
by Idkkkkkkkkkkkkkk January 28, 2009
1879 726
A character from the show Southpark. In every episode, he is killed in some freakishly funny way. Afterwards, his friends Kyle and Stan say:
Stan "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!"
Kyle "You Bastard!"
by Kenny March 09, 2005
1959 974
Kenny McCormick---One of the main characters in South Park,He is from a poor White Trash family, He wears an orange parka and his hood covers his mouth which muffles his voice
...........Its a common misconception that kenny dies in every episode,Only in the early seasons did he frequently die..................
Kenny does not die in every episode!!!!!
by amad May 30, 2006
1300 603
A hot guy. Hardworking. Strong.
Dang, look at that guy, i know he is Kenny.
by Omgish July 11, 2008
1080 560
the most amazing person you will ever meet. this boy has the power to make you feel as if you are the greatest person to step on this earth. if you ever become fortunate enough to have such a person in your life be sure to never let anything bad happen between you two, embrace every moment spent together, and make sure never to take advantage of a kenny. kenny is perfect on every level possible.
kenny is jesus.
by muahaahahah December 31, 2009
787 293
cool person, very good at life, and just plain awesome
I wish I was Kenny.
by xThatsWhatSheSaid June 19, 2009
753 378
kenny is the best friend of (eric)cartman kyle and stan he is often teased for being poor and trailer trash he wears this weird jacket thing that covers his mouth and makes it hard to understand what hes saying. He doesnt die in every episode like the idiot says but he has died many times. Hes on the show south park. Little known fact he has blonde hair.
mrph hmmm mhhhh mpphph phpd mamppphh would be something kenny would say
by hagdskld November 11, 2006
470 294