Kenny G was a saxophone player that was pretty popular back in the 80's with housewives and middle aged women. He had long curly hair and was pretty corny and lame. When you use the term "Kenny G Style" you're basically calling someone lame or saying they are dressed poorly or in a dorky manner. You can also use it to implicate that you're going to be acting stupid or silly.
"Man he just did that Kenny G Style."

"Dude his outfit is so Kenny G Style."

"I'm gonna do it Kenny G Style."
#kenny #g #style #lame #silly
by EdensEnd July 17, 2008
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Top Definition
When you make sweet love to a woman for numerous hours accompanied by Kenny G music!
Chad went Kenny G Style on Keirsten after there date they were moanin and bonin all night!
by JDawg 316 April 28, 2016
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