A ball that is responsible for most of the arguments you see over facebook mostly because it has nothing better to do than bounce around facebook profiles and picnic it's own hideous ball photos.

Avoid kennedys at all cost necessary. Being in the presence of one puts you at great risk of becoming trapped under it's weight. Note: Kennedys cannot see below their stomachs so be aware of your surroundings.

The best way to distract a kennedy is to give it a mirror and a hair comb. This will give you time to escape.

Yea, I got squashed by a kennedy yesterday. I saw the light.

Be sure not to forget your kennedy-needle when you go out tonight! You know, just incase you are unfortunate enough to come across one.
by youdon'tknowmeyet December 26, 2009
To "kennedy" a girl, is to shoot a wad into her eye at such an angle with such force and consistency that it would cause her head to go back and to the left.... back and to the left... back and to the left
I "kennedy"ed that girl right
by Dylan A. May 14, 2006
To take a dump in a public toilet.
"Dude? Did you seriously just pull a Kennedy in there?"
by Jeff Robertson November 21, 2007
A orange skinned girl, with white hair, who dresses like she's 29 years old, when she's only in high school. She is promised when she graduates, she will get a nose job & a boob job as a present from her parents. She thinks she's good at singing, so she posts videos of her singing on facebook and writes songs in 5 minutes. She acts stupid for attention, and when with her "friends" they act like stupid monkeys.
"Oh my god, that girl is such a kennedy !"
by G0LD D!GG3R May 27, 2009
an extremly asian and nerdy middle school in cupertino california that feeds into monte vista. 95 percent of the people are asian (see cupertino) and all get 4.0s if kids get anything less than that there parents get extremly mad and also mad at the school. for all ten of the white kids that are normal the 7-11 just down the street is a good place to hang out.....many durgs are passed around but only about 10 people from kennedy smoke. the girls are extremly prude and if guys want any action they must out source to other citys. overall this school sucks and u dont want to go there
Asian: kennedy is a good school where i can get good grades
White: F*** kennedy this school is gay. why cant we get some good girls?
by cupertino hater November 14, 2006
Is and means ugly. such a fugly slut whose body will be used up by the age of 18 because she sleeps with all guys.
Look at that girl over there her names kennedy.

Shes all over that guy. Ew!
by sheanea June 29, 2008
The baddest bitch you will ever know. Got all the hoes. Short asf. She real talented. Soft on the outside, crispy in the inside and rough at the face and thick at the waist.
daammnnn. Look at the thick shawty! Im finna get me a kennedy.
by kendoll May 14, 2015

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