a hard piercing shot, fatal, delivered with accuracy.
He delivered a Kennedy!
He was hit with a Kennedy!
by Brunsvold January 05, 2010
Kennedy's are amazing. If you're named Kennedy, you're lucky. They are often very witty and funny, but at the same time bitches. Kennedy's attract a lot of people that love them, however they often doubt themselves and have a low self esteem. Kennedy will most likely be a virgin all her life. She is too crude to be a girl and too feminine to be a boy. Members of the opposite sex tend to be either really drawn to Kennedy's or they don't give a shit at all. They are also amazed and slightly wary of Kennedy's weirdness and false nonchalance. The Achilles heel of a Kennedy is that they are almost too trustworthy. Also, When they're happy they're REALLY happy, and when they're upset they're REALLY upset. Some may like Kennedy's butt but her butt is just really disgusting as well as her tits.

Kennedy: *laughs*
Random kid: what's funny?
by squidilyassbutt July 17, 2013
An alcoholic beverage carefully smuggled into an establishment or location that prohibits the consumption of liquor or under age drinking.

An alcoholic drink disguised in an inconspicuous container (ie. a soda can, or canteen), with the intent of being consumed out in the open. Similar in function to a hobo flask.

A reference to the Kennedy family's wealth as a result of peddling alcohol during the prohibition.
-Jesus Christ, this church party is going to suck! I'm bringing a Kennedy.

-Wow, this movie isn't nearly as funny as I thought it'd be, should have brought a Kennedy.
by The Bourbonator April 25, 2011
often used to describe a blatant homosexual who remains in the closet
'dude that guy in the pink shirt is such a kennedy'
by pappasmurt2k November 23, 2011
Kennedy, in this instance is a Potential on the wonderful show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She courted the wounded Willow, and helped save the world.
As much as I love Tara and Willow together, I'm glad Willow found Kennedy.
by xDroppin'Ax July 22, 2008
Kennedy is a huge douchebag. Larger than all other in the world.
Mollie: oh, wow! That guy is such a jerk. Is his name Kennedy Mattox??
by Carlie johnson December 31, 2013
An annoying girl, who should date somebody named Curtis.
"OMG, Bro, don't you think Kennedy should date Curtis?" "Oh yeah, they'd be so cute together"
by SandBox72 November 18, 2011
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