Kennedy's are extremely gorgeous, and the most wonderful person you will ever meet. She makes you so happy and you want to sneak one kiss in. Its hard to resist holding her hand. You feel that if you can just hold her hand, you will be the luckiest person alive.
Kennedy is so hot...I wish I could date her...
by i only tell the truth May 23, 2016
A very athletic girl. She's not only sporty, but she is very smart as well. At first she will be shy, but they very funny. Very pretty, usually with brown hair and blue or green eyes. Her hair is also unbelievably soft. Everyone seems to enjoy being around her. Just don't make her mad, she's strong and tough. And very hard to stay mad at. They are know to become very successful in life. Kennedys are known for being original. They are leaders, not followers. Have an amazing skill at playing sports as well. Kennedys are all around amazing.
This Kennedys a real something.
by Urban_dictionary_original July 09, 2016
A girl who is allergic to literally fucking everything. This includes makeup and clothing.
Someone get an epi pen,Kennedy just walked in.
by Some.bitch March 03, 2016
The sexiest person alive and the funniest, you might think shes a prude at first but trust me once you get to know them they are not at all! And Kennedy's are FUCKING AMAZING IN BED!!!
Guy1:Damn that girl over there is HOt
Guy2:Yeah I know she must be a Kennedy
by March 13, 2016
The baddest bitch you will ever know. Got all the hoes. Short asf. She real talented. Soft on the outside, crispy in the inside and rough at the face and thick at the waist.
daammnnn. Look at the thick shawty! Im finna get me a kennedy.
by kendoll May 14, 2015
Kennedy's are attention whores, they don't care about anyone but, themselves of course. They are very emo, and like to keep their distance. They don't show much emotion, but when they do. You can tell...but Kennedy's are just overall attention whores, who think they are always right
Kennedy is an attention whore!
Did you see Kennedy today? She was so full of herself.
by FishCanDrown May 30, 2016
a prestigious American family whose members have held the presidency and other positions in government. they were the iconic perfect family of the 1950's-1960's. they still remain in upper society, and are kinda awesome. they are basically American royalty.
girl 1: I did my report on Jackie Kennedy
girl 2: She was so gorgeous, I love the Kennedys!
by itsreallyenterating February 09, 2013
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