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Kennedy is the best thing that can ever happen to a guy. She will make your day even on the worst day ever. Your mom could have died and she would make it all better. She was a very innocent person who had needs that i just couldn't meet. So she cheated on my with this boy named Axel? I don't know, i was going to make my move until her friend Shatto told me. I LOVED that girl, i just knew we were going to stay together forever. Though she was a bit quiet and shy like a mouse :) i knew we would get past that stage to get to know each other. I guess her cheating on me wasn't all her fault in the break-up, im not saying it's her fault, but i fucked up too. I fucked up because i guess i had the most wonderful girl in the whole world and i was afraid to lose her. So i panicked around her,or acted akwardly around her,and so i panicked even more because i thought she would leave me because she didn't want to be with someone weird. If your'e out there reading this i want you to know that I Love You ♥.
Kennedy V.
by Kevin Bautista July 17, 2012