A small town in South Central Texas. A Kenedy is full of posers and total dickfaces. People like to grab your phone and text your boyfriend to make him mad just because they can. All restaurants become tiring after a year or two. A Kenedy is somewhere you never want to be.
Is that a Kenedy? Don't ever live there. Keep driving.
#shithole #dumb #stupid #small #town
by 1@UR3N May 12, 2011
Top Definition
a great guy who knows how to treat a girl, but is also stupid. hes amazing when your all his, but once he forgets about you, he could care less. just give a kenedy some time and if your lucky he will figure things out for the best.
"i thought i could trust kenedy, but after all that ive heard i cant"
i gave you my all but it still wasnt enough..
#fickle #forgetful #amazing #my world #lost
by F.A.K.E. May 27, 2012
A sexi ass brazillian who is sweet and funny and plays soccer :) u gotta luv him
Kenedy is awesome in bed
#amazing #lovely #gangsta #adorable #sexy
by cutie_7651234 May 23, 2008
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