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A unisex name meaning Thank (Kene) God (Chukwu), from the Igbo Language spoken by the Ibo people of Eastern Nigeria. Kenechukwu is usually given to a child that comes as a blessing to the parents.
It could also mean same as Kelechi, Kenechi, Kelechukwu which are all different dialects of the same word. Kenechukwu is given to a child that brings joy and reason to be grateful to God.
by 9ja boy February 02, 2010
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Kene can be said to be a liar, deceitful and above all very foolish. In fact, a wise fool. Such person goes about seeking for attention but is also quite a funny character. Other forms of the name are Kenechi, Kelechi, Kelechukwu,etc.
Wow, Kenechukwu lies a lot
You are as stupid as Kenechukwu
by jyrhthgjk August 22, 2016
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